Download Topo4GPS

As well as the ready-to-go retail pack preloaded on to a Micro-SD card, Topo4GPS is also available for download. At only $40 this option saves you some money, allows you to plan your trips on your PC or Mac (using Garmin's free BaseCamp software, available seperately), and you can then send maps to your GPS's internal storage or your own Micro-SD card.


Download T4G for Windows
Buy now for Windows PC's:


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Download T4G for Mac
Buy now for Apple Mac:


Payment options


Be sure to select the correct option above for either Windows or Mac depending on your requirements. Clicking the 'Buy now' button will take you to a secure payment screen that allows you to pay using either credit card or your PayPal account. Once payment has been completed you will be given a download link which will also be emailed to you (536MB for PC, 582MB for Mac).





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